Hazrat Shahbuddeen Ashique-Allah Nazaria Peer Rehmatullah-alaihi

Hazrat Shahbuddeen Ashique-Allah Nazaria Peer Rehmatullah-alaihiHazrat Shahbuddeen Ashique-Allah was the son of Shaikh Imanuddeen Abdaal Ra. and his Khalifa. He was also the peer to Hazrat Sharfuddeen Nomani Bu Ali Shah Kalander.

He received Taalim from Shaikh Badruddeen Gaznavi Ra. Once He cooked Meat Gravy and Bread for his Fathers Death Anniversary. More than the expected number of people arrived. When his Mureeds told him of the situation he advised them not to uncover the food vessel or the tray of bread and start distributing after saying “Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim” Everyone ate to their contention and the food was enough for everyone by the grace of Allah Almighty.

His wafaat was on 11th Ramadhan 717 Hijri during the reign of Sultan Qutubuddeen Mubarak Shah. His Mazaar is situated in Mehrauli in South Delhi, North of the Shahi Idgaah on a