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All the information contained in this website is true and authentic and covers the life and actual events of the sufia (saints) Wali Allah (Friends of Allah) in earlier India.
The text is a compilation of all the information gathered after extensive research and above all love and devotion to these great men of God who spent their life in worship of the almighty and loyalty to the holy prophet Muhammed Mustafa Salallahu Alaihi wa salam.

The concept, development and investment of this site are a result and efforts of M.r MOHAMMAD SHAFIQ KHAN at residence in Mehraulli,(New Delhi) India. One of the extreme personality with the deeds of its work in nature of its acknowledgement.
By virtue of my position as a pioneer of the prestigious almighty “HAZRAT KHAWAZA SYED QUTUBUDDIN BAKAHTIYAR KAKI R.A’ who devotes their life for the pleasant of humanities. I owe certain obligatory responsibility as such with my varied power of extreme, wisdom of knowledge. I think it need necessary to get rid of knowledge about its way of faith towards the almighty god ever kind where we returns back for our duties,duites of our faith,duties of our truth,duties of self sacrifice,and duties for the kind of nature.., nature along with the welfare of humanities.

We thank Sufi Ghayasuddin Shah Qadri Shuttari Chishti, Syed Nasirudden Qutbi, Bakhtiyar Hussein, Fareed Hussein, Iqbal Mirza, Mohammed Ashique, Qari Zakir Hussein Misbahi, Krishan Kant and Manish Bhatt (All Residents of Delhi) who contribute towards the development of this site. In Future we plan to hoist this site in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. It is love for the nature and lifestyles of these Great men Wali Allah (Friends of Allah) which were an inspiration and reason to bring about this Website.

And we express Gratitude to all concerned with the development of this site and the visitors here.
We are not associated to any Khadim or Committee members of Khawaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki Rehmatullah-alaihi’s Dargah..

Jazzak Allah!
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Mohammad Shafiq Khan
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