Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hassan Chisti Rehmatullah-alaihi

Hazrat Khawaja Qutub-ud-deen Bakhtiyar Rehmatullah-alaihi lovingly called Kaaki was appointed as Khalifa by Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Hassan Chisti (Ra) and sent to Delhi to spread the word of Allah the almighty.
Sultan-ul-Hind, Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (Ra) spread the light of Iman (faith) all over India and delivered numerous unbelievers into the fold of Islam.

Titles referred to Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Hassan Chisti (Ra) are Qutub-ul-Mashaikh Barro Behr (Lord of land and sea)
Atta-e-Rasul (Grant of Prophet)
Khawaja-e-Ajmer (Khawaja Ajmeri)
Khawaja-e-Buzurg (Divine Khawaja)
Hind-ul-Wali (Supreme saint of India)
Gharib Nawaz (reward to poor)
Sultan-ul-Hind (Sovereign of India)
Naib-e-Rasul-fil-Hind (Deputy of Holy Prophet in India)

Born in 537 Hijri, Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen (Ra) he wasn’t like other children of his age, he would share food with all other children, once while he was going to the Eid-gah he was well dressed he saw a blind boy in tatters Hazrat Gharib Nawaz compassionate he was took of his robe and covered the helpless child and took him along with him to Namaz.

He would not play like other children. He was brought up in Khorasan and received education at home. He had the Holy Quraan Hifz by the age of nine and took admission in a school to learn hadith and fiqh.

Hazrat Gharib Nawaz was orphaned at 14 years of age since Ghyas-ud-din passed away on 15th Shabaan 537 hijr. He inherited a wind powered flour mill and an orchard which he tended for a living.

One day a Durvesh Hazrat Ibrahim Kalander Majzub (Ra) came over to Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen (Ra) while he was tending the orchard. Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen (Ra) humbly offered ripe grapes to his pious guest. The Durvesh chewed a few and feed it in Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen’s mouth which enlightened him to shun the worldly riches and lead the life of a Fakir (ascetic).The Durvesh offered him a few sips of water which further lit up Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen’s face with the divine light.

Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen sold the orchard and the wind-mill which he had inherited from his parents and distributed the money amongst the poor and the needy, and started off to Samarkhand for Talim-e-deen (Islamic studies). On completion of which he traveled to Mecca Shareif for Hajj (pilgrimage).

On his way to Mecca he halted at a town called Haroon. Here he was received by Hazrat Usmaan Harooni Chisti Rehmatullahalai whom he revered as a spiritual guide. Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen stayed for two and a half years at his service leading a life of piety and austerity after which they set off for Hajj to Makkah.

Blessings Descended as they performed the rites of a Hajji Allah almighty pleased with devotion accepted the prayers of Hazrat Usmaan Harooni and accepted his wishes to receive them for service Allah blessed them to guide and enlighten humanity. On completion of Hajj they walked to Medina to present salutations (Darood) to Holy prophet Muhammed Mustafa (salai allahu alaihi va salamu).

While in Masjid e Nabvi the performed prayers and Ithkaf. A voice came from within the gates of the resting place of the holy prophet guiding the Sheikhan to send in Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen Chisti.

Khawaja stood up and he presented him self in the hujra Mubarak. Hazrat RasulAllah (saw) guided Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen to Hind ancient India in 1190ad 586Hijra era where he was conferred Attaye Rasul and shown Ajmer where he would be In Allah’s worship. Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Hasan Chisti (Ra) received bountiful blessings and came out of the hujra e nabi with an enlightened face. He was blessed with the divine spirit and given a guiding light.

Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra. Reached India without efforts was offered resistance on reaching Ajmer. There was a powerful magician by the name of Jogi Ajaipal who was an influential person in the company of the ruler of the land then. Jogi Ajaipal sensed the coming of a powerful and blessed saint towards Ajmer. He at first caused a boulder off the mountain fall on Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra. which got suspended in mid air when Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra prayed and put his fingers before it with Allah’s name. Jogi Ajaipal tried further to intend harm to Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra by throwing fire from above Hazrat Khawaja Ra put his chapples on the ground below and that gave Jogi Ajaipal a beating from above. Tired and dazed he surrendered to Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra and repented he received faith and became a Wali. He was made Khawaja Abdullah Biyabani Ra and ordered to guide pilgrims to Ajmer till Qiyamat and was given Aab e Hayatt by Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra.

The Raja and the local people of the land realized their folly and repented after they annoyed Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra by not allowing Hazrats followers to fetch water from the Anna Sagar the water source. Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra ordered the water to come. And it all came and settled in his Kasa the fakir bowl. The villagers and repented before Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra and he put the water back in Anna Sagar.

Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra had many followers pouring in from all sided and many became his mureeds. He sent them all across the land of Hind to preach Islam and spread light. Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra passed nights standing in Namaz and observed fast in the day. Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra did not rest his back on the floor for 70 years. And would remain in Ibadaat most of the time coming out of his hujra only to attend to his Mureeds and Durvishes or for Vazu (abulation with water) and at times he would come out with a Dafli with chimes. And sing in the praise of Allah and his Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw).

He performed various Hajj which he set off for on foot. He led a very simple life and would eat less. Usually he would fast for 3 days and would eat dried pieces of Barley bread not more than 25 grams in weight after soaking them in water. He would wear simple clothes and would stitch a patch on them himself if they tore.

Khawaja Qutub-ud-deen Bakhtiyar Kaaki Ra says that he served Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra for 20 years and never saw him praying for his health, Instead he would say “ O Allah wherever there is pain and difficulties please let your slave Mueen-ud-deen be there”
Hazrat Mueen-ud-deen Chisti Ra received basharat fromHazrat RasulAllah (saw) to marry and he obeyed by getting married twice one after another and received five children from them. Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra was aware of his pardah much before time and informed his Khalifa’s of the same. He appointed Khawaja Qutub-ud-deen Bakhtiyar Kaaki Ra. As Khalifa and sent him to Delhi. During Rajab 633 he was in a different state of oblivion and would keep himself locked in his room all night standing in prayers.

Hazrat Khawaja Mueen-ud-deen Ra took pardah at the age of 96 on Sunday 6th Rajab 633 Hijri 1236AD “Inna Lillahi va Inna Ilaihi Raajiuun”.