Hazrat Mehboob e Illahi Nizamuddeen Auliya Rehmatullah-alaihi

Hazrat Mehboob e Illahi Nizamuddeen Auliya Rehmatullah-alaihiThis great spiritual guide, saint and mystic was the Khalifa of Hazrat Shaikh Fareeduddeen Ganj Shakkar (May mercy of Allah be upon him). His name was Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Ali Bukhari and his title was Sultan-ul-Mashaikh Nizamuddeen Auliya. India is replete with his blessings and bounties. Both his grandfather Ali Bukhari and maternal Grandfather Khawaja Arab came together from Bukhara to Lahore. After staying in Lahore for a long time they came to Badaun and made their permanent stay there. His father, Khawaja Ahmed passed away in his childhood and was buried in Badaun.

When Shaikh Nizamuddeen Auliya grew his mother got him admitted to a madrasa, where he read the holy Quraan and other religious books. From Badaun he came to Delhi in search of knowledge and studied Hariri (a book in Arabic) and took lessons in Hadith. He was 16 then. Now he left to meet Shaikh Fareeduddeen Kabeer and learnt from him the art of recitation of the holy Quraan and Hadith.

When Shaikh Nizamuddeen was in Delhi his mother passed away. Every new moon he would go before his mother and kiss her feet, one day his mother told him whom will you kiss the next month. Shaikh Nizamuddeen realized that his mother would soon pass away. “Inna Lillahi va Inna Ilaihi Raajiuun”.

Shaikh Nizamuddeen was 20 then came to Delhi however he visited Pakpattan thrice during his lifetime.

Hazrat Mehboob e Illahi Nizamuddeen Auliya Rehmatullah-alaihiShaikh Nizamuddeen also went to Ajodhan to meet Shaikh Fareeduddeen Kabeer. He was very fascinated by his presence and was greeted with honor by Shaikh Fareeduddeen Kabeer who gave him a cot to rest in the guest room. Shaikh Nizamuddeen refused to rest on the cot since he felt that so many saints and great holy personalities rested on the ground. This was informed to Maulana Badruddeen who approached him and asked him to follow what Shaikh Fareeduddeen Kabeer said and soon he received Bait from his hands and became his Mureeds.

Shaikh Fareeduddeen Kabeer gave an insight to Shaikh Nizamuddeen on spirituality and taught him the books Awariful Mareef, Abu Shakur Salaami and taught 6 chapters of the holy Quraan with Tajveej. He kept special attention on giving him Tarbiyat. In his lifetime he visited his Peer Shaikh Fareeduddeen Kabeer thrice.

During one visit Shaikh Kabeer put his saliva in Shaikh Nizamuddeen mouth and willed him to be a Haafiz of the holy book and set off to Delhi. He was handed the Khilafat Naama to be given to Shaikh Jamaaluddeen.

Hazrat Mehboob e Illahi Nizamuddeen Auliya Rehmatullah-alaihi Shaikh Nizamuddeen was a quiet, humble mystic. His greatest weapon was his trust on Allah and no reliance with the world.

Shaikh Nizamuddeen was once offered an orchard and farmland by a wealthy man, however Shaikh Nizamuddeen refused to accept it. Shaikh Nizamuddeen would not visit the king or accept to meet the existing ruler during his lifetime. He would keep himself away from being associated with the influential or wealthy people during his time.

Shaikh Nizamuddeen attained the pinnacle of spiritual status. He was also gaining wide popularity and people in large numbers would visit him to receive spiritual bounties from him. The light of spiritualism and mysticism was illuminating the widest possible circle of the humans.

He was engrossed in spiritual exercises day and night. When he reached 80 he carried his worship and functions to the extreme. He would keep fast without a break. He would not have sehri and eat little at dusk. When asked he replied. “Many paupers, destitute and saints in the mosques and shops are starving. Tell me how this food can go down my throat.”

Hazrat Mehboob e Illahi Nizamuddeen Auliya Rehmatullah-alaihi Once Shaikh Nizamuddeen Auliya (May mercy of Allah be upon him) “I was on a boat along with my Shaikh”. He called me near and said, “Remember when you go to Delhi keep engaged in rigid spiritual exercise. Don’t sit idle. Observing fast is half the destination and the rest of the worships like saying salat, performing Hajj etc, are another half the destination.”

At the age of 80 years just 40 days before his pardah he gave up eating and drinking and weep a lot and engage himself in prayers most of the time.

He handed over Khilafat Naama to his Mureeds who were present and sent off to the ones who were not present. On 18 Rabiul Aakhir 728 Hijri he took Wafaat “Inna Lillahi va Inna Ilaihi Raajiuun”.