Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ahmed Saabir Rehmatullah-alaihi

Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Sabir Ra is respected to be the guide to people of faith in Islam. Hazrat was conceived and delivered without pain to a pious mother, sister to Hazrat Khawaja Fareed Ganji Shakar. Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Saabir Ra born in 592 Hijri or 1105AD was Jaalali and Wali from conception and birth and the maid couldn’t offer a bath until she washed her self... Hazrat recited the entire holy Quran at birth itself and would fast every second day. He drank little milk and didn’t want to eat much either. He would remain in fast (restricting self to eat or drink) for long periods of time and gradually gave up all his worldly desires. He was steadfast in prayer and remained in a worship of Allah most of the time he would say “Allah is my mother and father and I was born on the Arsh-al-Aazamu” (divine throne of Almighty Allah).

He was handed over to Hazrat Baba Fareed Ganji Shakkar for Talim-e-deen and was the fastest learner and recited the holy Quraan in a very sweet voice the natural wildlife and birds would gather around him and praise the glory of Allah. Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra remained in Namaz and Rouza most of the time and was left totally in the care of Hazrat Baba Fareed Ganji Shakkar as his mother planned to performed Hajj. While leaving she had her maternal brother Hazrat Baba Fareed Ganji Shakkar to hand over the duty of distributing Langar (charity food for the poor, disabled and desolate). Maa sahib of Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra advised him to distribute food thinking it would divert him to the world. And she set off for Hajj, means of transport were slow and weary and she returned only after 12 years long years.

Meanwhile Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra would distribute food regularly after Ishraak and Magrib prayers. Every needy took sufficient food and no one went hungry. Once one of Baba Fareed’s sons went and took over the charge of distributing food in the morning despite being asked by the Langar cook not to do so, as it was Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra who was regularly doing it. The boy didn’t pay heed and distributed the food recklessly finishing it all and yet had people asking for more. He walked off only to have Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra return from Ishraak prayer’s and find the Langar distributed. The boy turned to ashes immediately. Baba Fareed received news of the incident however he did not react and didn’t tell Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra any thing about the same instead he warned all the people around not to come in the way of Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra again. He however grieved over the death of his son and felt himself to be a baby in Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen’s hand. Said “He is Allah’s child and I Fareed his child”.

And two other sons of Baba Fareed perished in the same manner as one urinated facing the hujra of Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra and the other tried to peek inside curious to know what Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Ra was doing.

When Hazrat Saabir’s Mother reached Pakpattan on completion of the rites of Hajj, she was shocked to see Hazrat Saabir Ra as he had become leaner in stature. She inquired as to his condition and asked why he hadn’t eaten in so many years to which Hazrat Saabir replied “you had asked me to distribute the food and not to eat from it” His mother then requested her brother Baba Fareed to help her in getting Hazrat Saabir married. Baba Fareed advised her against it because he was aware that Hazrat Saabir was in a in a different state of mind. However the mother wouldn’t listen and had Baba Fareed give his daughter in marriage to Hazrat Saabir. On the first night of marriage the bride entered Hazrat Saabir’s hujra and found him standing in prayer. She stood right there and did not move, when Hazrat Saabir completed the prayers he noticed someone standing behind him and asked as to who it was. The bride replied “I am your wedded wife” on which he said “Allah doesn’t have a wife”. On saying this flames engulfed the lady and she was ashes.

Baba Fareed pronounced Hazrat Saabir his Khalifa and sent him to Kalyar to spread the light of Islam. Hazrat Sabir had to visit Delhi first to take the seal of the Shaikh there before proceeding to Kalyar. When he reached Delhi it was dusk and getting dark the Shaikh there was old and was unable to read Baba Fareed’s letter Hazrat Sabir blew on his thumb and it became a fire torch. The Shaikh got annoyed at Hazrat Sabir and tore the letter. This enraged Hazrat Saabir and he left from there to proceed to Kalyar. The Shaikh became ill and died soon thereafter.

Hazrat Saabir Ra reached Kalyar and was received by an old woman who served and respected him she had a young boy who would herd goats in the nearby wilderness whom she called her son, some villagers scurried by checking marks on the goats he had with him, they were on the look out for a goat which had gone missing since the night before.. They came running towards Hazrat Saabir Ra a pious and holy man. Ultimately when more people gathered and the situation was explained Hazrat Saabir Ra replied “ask the goat”. Two men standing in the crowd had a voice of a goat with human speech speaking from their stomach and told everyone that she was stolen, slaughtered cooked and eaten by these men amongst others. The villagers started beating up the men and the others who were with them on inquiring their whereabouts. The family of one of them was spared as they were offered the meat and bones by the husband however he was severely beaten up.

Hazrat Saabir Ra who preferred serenity and walked away from the commotion, realizing that his mission in Kalyar was to spread the light of Allah and faith hence he set off to the Jama Masjid which was the biggest mosque in those times which had many steps very wide and long, lofty high in erection had taps of gold and silver, carvings in white marble. The mosque was reported to have been built by Jinn’s from all the wealth and precious stones accumulated as a result of that invasion of this region by a Muslim king. It was the most beautiful mosque of that time.

Hazrat Saabir Ra reached the Mosque at Kalyar it was a Friday and people were collecting for Namaz at the Mosque. On steps for Namaz people had booked place in the mosque and had their names written on the Musalla. All who entered did not respect the Buzurgi of Hazrat Saabir Ra and he was asked him to get up and go back repeatedly as the people who had paid an amount of the money for a place in the mosque. Soon he was out of the mosque and all the people stood in jamaat. When they bowed down Saabir realized he was out of the mosque and in a state of wrath ordered the Mosque to bow. It collapsed and buried all underneath it. The old woman who served Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Saabir Ra when he arrived at the city came as her son was in the rubble he permitted her to take his name and pull him out and to leave the place immediately. The boy came out alive and the old woman fled and reached further than 12 miles. Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Saabir Ra walked up to park and stood holding a tree. Flames flared all around and storm erupted from the skies all around was ashes and every thing perished. Nothing survived the city of Kalyar and the villages’ surrounding it was ashes and heaps of rubble and any kind of life existing earlier wasn’t in a recognizable condition.

Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Saabir Ra stood lost in the thought of Allah for 12 years... he did not eat nor drink and didn’t sit down However stood lost in the thought of Allah for an endless span of time present at Arsh. He did not move from the position he was in and remained standing holding the curve of a tree. The weather remained constant and it was neither too sunny nor too cold and the rains never touched Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Saabir Ra the tree under which he stood. And time came to a standstill.

Baba Fareed Ra received realization about the state of Hazrat Makhdoom Allaudeen Saabir Ra. He inquired amongst his mureeds “Isn’t there anyone who can make my Saabir sit and serve him.” One of his mureeds Hazrat Shamsudeen Turk Ra stood up his face gleaming and agreed to serve (Hazrat Saabir Ra). Hazrat Shamsudeen Turk Ra recited the Holy Quraan Majid with devotion and was respected for the mastery over Arabic and good voice. He accepted the service and was told by Baba Fareed not to come before Hazrat Saabir Ra gaze. And informed him about what took place at Kalyar. Hazrat Shamsudeen Turk Ra set off from Pakpattan to Dehli and received guidance of the ways of Allah from Baba Fareed and carried on alone from Dehli to Kalyar alone he offered 2 rakaat namaz every two kilometers and walked reciting the Holy Quraan he reached close to the spot where Hazrat Saabir Ra was present and noticed the place surrounded by tigers wild animals and large snakes. He stood frozen and stopped the recital on which he heard Hazrat Saabir Ra voice to continue his recital. The animals moved and gave way to Hazrat Shamsudeen Ra who continued on.

Hazrat Shamsudeen Ra stopped after reciting on which Hazrat Saabir inquired why he stopped again he replied he was tired since he was in travel and was standing Hazrat Saabir asked him to sit, he replied how I may sit while you are standing. Hazrat Saabir sat down and leaned back on the tree. Hazrat Shamsudeen Ra recited the entire Holy Quraan once again with more intensity and finally was massaging Hazrat Saabir Ra feet. He remained in service for twelve years during which he diligently served Hazrat Saabir and also made a hut for him under the tree. He would keep water for vazu for Hazrat Saabir and always remained behind his back. He would boil the fruit of the tree under which Hazrat Saabir stood and offer it to him for Iftaar which Hazrat Saabir would eat very rarely.

At times Hazrat Saabir said Shamsudeen are you blind, on which Hazrat Shamsuddin would go blind or lame or without limbs however would be alright again on prayers of Hazrat Saabir. Soon Hazrat Sabir realized that his time to be one with Allah was nearing, He advised Hazrat Shamsudeen to set off to a certain city and seek source of livelihood there. He informed that the day a miracle would take place through him, that day would be of Hazrat Saabir’s Pardah, Hence come back with the funeral requisites and complete his funeral rites. Sultan Allaudeen Khilji was on a conquest in that part of India. He joined the army as a Cavalry soldier and the army set up a base at a distance from Chitaud-Gad fort, they were unable to penetrate through the gates and the conqueror was worried as how they could have a victory over the fort. The soldiers weary and tired from months of fighting and almost a year of journey set up their tents. The Sultan Allaudeen Khilji was observing from atop and found that a strong gush of wind blew and all the lamps in every of the tents except one extinguished. He set off his guards to check on that tent. The guards came close to the tent and heard a person reciting the holy Quraan. They took permission and asked the soldier Hazrat Shamsudeen to be present before the Sultan. Sultan Allaudeen Khilji respected Hazrat Shamsudeen and greeted him pleasantly and pleaded him to pray and help him for the victory. Hazrat Shamsudeen told Sultan Allaudeen Khilji that they will win and complete the conquest within 3 days. However he should be paid his wage for the days he worked. The Sultan agreed and gave Hazrat Shamsudeen a horse to go back to his destination. Chitaud-Gad was conquered.

Hazrat Shamsudeen realized that this predicted the Pardah of his peer Hazrat Saabir which was on 13 Rabi-ul-Awal 680Hijr 1291AD and immediately took the requisites for the funeral and was in Kalyar soon.

He saw a bright and illuminated body of Hazrat resting peacefully. He started preparing for the funeral and noticed he received help unknowingly (from Gaib) and the time for the namaz e janaza came. Hazrat Shamsudeen saw Hazrat Saabir coming on a white horse and he alighted and offered the namaz, Hazrat Shamsudeen was clear about “Fanah and baqah.”