Hazrat Allama Shaikh Abdul Haque Muhaddis Delhvi Rehmatullahalai

He was the son of Shaikh Saifuddeen Turk Bukhari and Mureed of Hazrat Syed Musa Gilani Qadri. He was an Aalim e Deen, Muhadiseen and Auliya and was respected by all religious scholars. He wrote 116 books on Deen and Spiritual Knowledge. He once expressed that he wanted to die in the cause of Allah (Shahadat) and be laid to rest in Madina. Otherwise be laid to rest Hauz e Shamshi (Shamsh Talaab) since this place was holy and to keep the Shijra e Peer at his Mazaar and the following to be written in bold letters “Allah is my Lord and RasulAllah Muhammed (saw) is my Prophet (Nabi) and Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Ghaus Paak) is my Shaikh.”

His Wafaat was during the reign of Shahjahaan 21 Rabi-ul-Awal 1052 Hijri at a ripe old age of 94. He wanted to be laid to rest at Hauz e Shamshi (Shamsh Talaab) in the gumbad which the commander of Shahjahaan’s Army Mahabat Khan had made in his lifetime. His Namaz e Janaza was offered by his son Hazrat Nur ul Haque Ra.