Preaching’s of the Auliya e Kiram Sufia

Preaching’s of the Auliya e Kiram Sufia # The Saying of Rasul-Allah Muhammed Mustafa Salai Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallamu that the love for the world is the root for all evil, the ones forgiven are the ones who renounce the world.

# If people were to understand the importance of Knowledge they leave the all other work and seek knowledge. Since Knowledge is like a cloud which rains mercy, one who gets to this cloud is purified of all sins.

# Regarding sustenance it is said that in the same way that death searches the person sustenance too searches for a person and follows him everywhere.

# At times of difficulties one should be patient since Allah Tabarak va Taallah purifies their sins.

# Khawaja Qutub-ud-deen Bakhtiyar Kaaki Rehmatullah-alaihi says a great believer does the following 4 deeds: - eats less, sleeps less, speaks less and keeps little or no contact with the world

# Khawaja Qutub-ud-deen Bakhtiyar Kaaki Rehmatullah-alaihi says that if a person who calls himself a Durvesh and wears good clothes then he is not a Durvesh but a Dacoit. And one who calls himself a durvesh and eats good food to his stomach’s fill is a liar and a deceptive person. He who keeps association with the rich and influential people is not a durvesh but a fraud person. And he who sleeps too much is not a Durvesh however he has no virtues.

# The virtues of a Momin are that he/she befriends Death, makes friends with Dervishes and accepts poverty. One who makes the above three friends the angels are his friend and his place is heaven.

# Allah Tabarak va Taallah looks at with mercy and benevolence upon three types of people: - one who keeps courage at all times, one who keeps neighbors and women happy and one who feeds the poor and the needy.

# Avoid looking at the faults and flaws of other’s lest Allah were to put the flaws in the observer.

# There isn’t a greater deed than feeding the poor and hungry to their hearts content and this deed is preached in all religions and this deed in greater than being in the state of prayers.

# There isn’t a greater deed than to keep someone’s heart and give them satisfaction